Spoolie Filament Drybox + VitG Extruder


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The Spoolie box is a dessicant chamber that keeps your filament dry to prevent steam pops and oozing. The filament passes thru a silicone gasket when it exits into the VitG extruder, so the Spoolie is nearly hermetic.

The Spoolie can sit with the extruder on top pointing the filament upward – or it can lie on the front so the filament is pointed forward. This allows the spoolie to go on a shelf above the GARCAD machine to conserve counter space. It also reduces the amount of filament in the bowden tube which reduces friction.

The VitG extruder is a 50:1 geared stepper that makes the extrudate portions match the linear travel resolution to prevent over extrusion that leads to oozing and grinding.
The grip of the toothed wheel can be adjusted very soft for printing wax filament or very hard for peek.

Duster donuts on the filament sweep off debris so it can’t accumulate in the nozzle and eventually cause a clog.  They are easy to rinse and disposable.

Includes 54.7mm and 55.9mm hubs, known compatible with Hatchbox and GizmoDorks spools.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 5.5 in